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Showcasing the best written and visual arts from queer authors and artists in the Pittsburgh area.

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Creating Change Through Storytelling

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At Phoenix of Alexandria, we believe in the power of storytelling to inspire change and boost underrepresented voices. We are a queer-owned, queer-focused company that showcases the best in written and visual art produced by queer authors and artists in the Pittsburgh area and beyond. From literary collectives to collaborative projects, we are committed to creating quality products that readers will love. Whether you're an author or artist looking to get your work published or a reader searching for diverse, inclusive stories, we're committed to helping you amplify and empower your voice.

Support us by ordering our new collection: Sex n'At

Person holding up Rivets

Pittsburgh's very own queer-owned publishing company, Phoenix of Alexandria, is back with our second publication- "Sex N'at"! We've been working with great local writers to bring you a steamy collection of erotic tales that could only come from the minds of Yinzer Gays. By contributing to our fundraiser, you are securing a pre-order of your copy of "Sex N'at", and so much more!

Your contribution will help fund: Compensation for all contributors, editors, writers, formatters, and visual artists, printing costs, additional merch for tabling events/release party future publication projects, and reprint funds


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